Dear guests,

  1. We are very insistent that a mask is worn over nose and mouth
    in all public inside areas and that meetings are never larger than 4 persons.
    (Please do not make it embarrassing for our staff to have to remind you of this)
  2. Your temperature will be taken every time you enter Dorp
    and the underneath of your shoes will be sprayed
    (this may be what is now called “health theatre” but... )
  3. Please social distance, even when you are sitting outside ..
  4. We now only offer counter service cafe type food and drinks in take out containers
    (delicious though and our patisserie offering is sublime, this is for our in house guests
    only and we are not a restaurant nor open to the public.. but we are surrounded by many
    excellent restaurants all struggling to make a living.
  5. We have sanitizer readily available and encourage our guests to
    please wash their hands as often as possible.
  6. Your luggage and shopping parcels will be sanitized before being
    brought into our buildings.

Please help us to adhere to this, we so badly do not want our
guests or staff to become ill !

Thank you so much and regards, Gail Behr

(Bo Kaap Cape Town)