Dorp has decided upon old fashioned hotel bookings,
please ring us on +27 21 422 1676 or +27 21 612 0298 between 8am and 5pm
Mondays to Saturdays and speak to a real person who would
love to assist , or email 
thank you so much. 

For Cafe booking please WhatsApp 064 797 9558


Our doors sometimes rattle 
and the windows can leak .. look over the puddle and not at your feet . 
If you want to be happy we’re here to help .. it only requires the tiniest yelp .. 
Please don’t be unpleasant or come here to complain .. it’ll only result in being thrown out in the rain .. 
Money isn’t everything but kindness does count 
So let’s all agree that this is paramount ? 
You feel like a boogy ? Get up and have a dance 
You feel a bit lonely .. give friendship a chance .. 
It’s not a hotel, nor a house nor a pub. It is instead a sort of oddballs club .. 
You’ll know if you fit the moment you arrive 
And if you don’t simply reverse down the drive .. 
We want everyone to be happy or as happy as they can be. And that applies to the staff here and to me .. 

G . L . B