Regret no children under
14 years of age

We have a wide selection of rooms from suites with huge kitchens,
rooms and private pools to family suites (with smaller completely equipped
kitchens)…small rooms tucked away at the top of a long thin staircases or
cavernous studios with terraces and his and her bathrooms…
roof gardens, back yards and front stoeps, rooms with private steam rooms
and even the “worst room in the house” with the prettiest wall paper on
earth and a small back yard but absolutely no view whatsoever…

or The Greenhouse suite with its terrace that you will never wish to leave
or the Dorp suite leading out onto our roof garden where we grow tomatoes
and promises you the greatest view in Cape town…

Our prices are varied too…we dearly want Dorp to be accessible to the sort
of people who will appreciate its quirk .. we already have favourite guests
and they’re not always international rock stars…

We like to be old fashioned so please ring us and speak to a real person at
the end of a real telephone who will happily explain what is what and
where is where and which room might suit you best when you visit us…

We do not have photographs and measurements specific to every room in every category .. you will have to take my word that all of our rooms are lovely [ except for the worst room in the house that has no view and is noisy but is dearly loved by Prudence the lawyer who stays for long swathes of time ] and if you don’t agree we will refund your deposit when you arrive and assist you to find rooms elsewhere if required .. 


Our doors sometimes rattle 
and the windows can leak .. look over the puddle and not at your feet . 
If you want to be happy we’re here to help .. it only requires the tiniest yelp .. 
Please don’t be unpleasant or come here to complain .. it’ll only result in being thrown out in the rain .. 
Money isn’t everything but kindness does count 
So let’s all agree that this is paramount ? 
You feel like a boogy ? Get up and have a dance 
You feel a bit lonely .. give friendship a chance .. 
It’s not a hotel, nor a house nor a pub. It is instead a sort of oddballs club .. 
You’ll know if you fit the moment you arrive 
And if you don’t simply reverse down the drive .. 
We want everyone to be happy or as happy as they can be. And that applies to the staff here and to me .. 

G . L . B 

A list of what you will find in your bedroom or suite:

A Nespresso machine
A kettle
A Fridge
A safe and a hairdryer
A Smart Television
Good free wifi
Underfloor heated bathrooms
The best bed linen on earth
Views…from everywhere
Heavenly dorp soaps, shampoos etc.
A lemon tree somewhere close enough to steal a lemon for your gin and tonic
Home made pure washed linen dressing gowns
Lots of USB and plug points
…and an occasional little bug from the garden outside


If you wish to bring wine or alcohol please do [we do not have a liquor license [we have all the mixers required ]

Breakfast is available from 7:30 to 11:00 daily.

We have a Dorp cafe that serves delicious simple food and is open for breakfast , coffee and cake , lunch , afternoon tea and supper .. menus to follow .. please book at front desk should you wish to eat in .

Menus are an indication of what we serve and but change often at the whim of the owner ..